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TeXstyle™ Defense is a Layered System that can be customized to include any –or all– of the following protective attributes: Anti-odor to absorb odors and inhibit growth of mildew and bacteria; Anti-static to eliminate static electricity; Anti-dusting to resist dust; Release to allow cleaning of oil-based stains and avoid odors; Repellency to avoid stains and allow quick clean up of spills.

TeXstyle enhance

TeXstyle™ enhance offers a wide range of secondary embellishment technologies to enhance a common ground material, enabling unique design emphasis within an array of fabric base choices, from economy to luxury. Technologies include: Embossing, Printing, Laser Etching, Embroidery, and Sonic Welding.

TeXstyle LITE

TeXstyle™ Lite is an engineered fabric system achieved through expertise in yarn selection, technical construction design, and coating chemistries to optimize cost. Applicable to all cloth seats, TeXstyle™ Lite is strategically utilized in the low wear areas of the seat complete, offering a consistently appearing alternative to over-engineered program fabrics.

TeXstyle TOUGH

TeXstyle™ Tough brings together key expertise in yarn selection, technical construction design, and coating chemistries to develop fabrics that offer styling range, seat craftsmanship, and product longevity. Whether strategically placed in high wear areas only, or featured throughout the seat, TeXstyle™ Tough fabrics are a robust and resilient solution to high performance requirements.

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